zephz technology

All zephz shoes are specifically designed for the demands of their sport. Before production, the designs are are evaluated by¬†Nicholas M. Romansky, D.P.M. Dr Romansky is the team podiatrist for the U.S. World Cup and National Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams, and a medical consultant to many of Philadelphia’s professional teams. This allows us to insure that our shoes provide a maximum level of comfort while giving as much consideration as possible to injury prevention

triple air mesh

Provides lightweight breathability for comfort and cleanability – soap and water do the trick!


Molded thermoplastic heel counter provides excellent heel stability, Ideal for stunting.

radius edge sole

Allows for a comfortable grip all around the shoe while stunting – no sharp edges that hurt hands.

zephzlite heel wedge

Provides shock absorbing cushion for the most demanding of stunts and tumbling runs.

stunt heel

Smoothly rounded edge provides excellent control during stunts. Stitched for durability.

stitched toe

Stitched toe provides extra durability¬†and doesn’t restrict mobility for tumbling.